Math Critters



The Math Critters teach your kids how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with ease as they chase the Math Wizard to improve their arithmetic skills. Choose to embark in an adventure by chasing the Math Wizard across 5 math lands or engage your competitive spirit in unlimited arcade play with 1 or 2 players.

Math Critters Story Screen

Help the math critters improve their math skills across 5 different lands.

Math Critters Game Screen

Solve 15 different equation types while enjoying physics, powerups, and more.

Math Critters Two Player Arcade

One player arcade mode for unlimited play, and Two player arcade mode to test your skills against friends and family!

Grow Your Garden



A mobile game designed from the ground up to teach kids basic arithmetic in a fun and engaging way. Fill up buckets of different sizes with water and then use them to water your garden just the right amount. Solve levels by pouring water from one bucket to another, refilling, and emptying buckets, then water your garden. Unlock more plants for your garden by completing levels and challenges.

Grow Your Garden jungle level example

Teaches basic arithmetic through intuitive challenges

Grow Your Garden level select screen

Engaging graphics and animations

Grow Your Garden garden screen

Interactive garden with unlockable plants