We use games to make learning fun.

Learning Yard is a studio based in San Francisco that makes educational games and apps for mobile devices. Founded in 2011, our team is currently working on several games for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Our team is led by three UC Berkeley alumni who are gaming and education enthusiasts and also kids at heart:

Michael D’Orazio wears many hats around the office, but is usually found working away on code for the next game.  He’s lived in ten different cities, taught English in China, and counts himself a world traveler in addition to a developer.  His favorite mobile game is GeoDefense and his favorite subject is Physics.

Joanne Chen produces the amazing music and sounds for our games and also leads our marketing and outreach efforts.  She loves computers and studied how to work with them in college, where she discovered a passion for bringing technology into education to help kids learn.  Her favorite mobile game is Plants vs. Zombies and her favorite subject is Math.

Jason Xu works on game testing and handles Learning Yard’s finances.  He is very passionate about education and has extensive experience teaching both college seminars as well as underprivileged middle school students.  Jason’s favorite mobile game is Final Fantasy 3 and his favorite subject is Literature.