Sound Round 2 – Effects

Sound effects are everywhere in rich media.  Think of how many button clicks, character and NPC actions, and point totals had sounds in the last game you played.  These sounds are important because they act as a source of feedback for users to help them understand what is going on as a result of their actions.  This is especially true for touch-based games, like those on the iPad, where tactile feedback isn’t available.  As a result, game developers need to spend time finding the right sounds for all the important actions in their games and making sure that they make sense.

For example, in Grow Your Garden we recently added a new game mechanic to make later levels more difficult: watering cans that cannot be moved.

Unmovable Watering Can Example

An Unmovable Watering Can

Originally, the immovable nature of these watering cans was indicated only by the images themselves (the watering cans are chained to the ground).  However, several of our play testers commented that they didn’t understand why the watering cans didn’t move when they touched them.  We added a chain rattling sound (modified from a creative commons chain sound at whenever a user touches an immovable watering can, and the feedback was quite positive.  Of course this is just one example of the many sound effects in the game, so pay attention to all the fun sounds when you play it!

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