Graphics Round Five – Characters

People naturally tend to associate with characters in all kinds of media.  Good movies, novels, plays, etc. all revolve around characters and their interactions more than anything else.  This is often true of games as well, even if the characters are anthropomorphic animals flying across the screen instead of real people.  And this is especially true of more casual games like Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies – even if the user isn’t represented by a character, the objects on-screen have personality and their human qualities make users identify with them.

We really wanted the main characters of Grow Your Garden, the garden plants, to not only look good, but also have some personality.  Each of the plants is quite distinct and has several “growing” stages so that users can see them take shape over time as they complete levels.  Additionally, each of the plants is related to the geographic location of the level set and its background so that users feel like they’re on a world tour collecting the best plants for their garden.

To give you an idea of what we mean by characters, here is the mascot of Grow Your Garden, the Sunflower:

Grow Your Garden Sunflower

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