Choosing a Framework

These days there are a variety of development options available to developers of mobile games.  Why would you want to use a framework?  The basic tools that Apple and Google provide were designed to be general purpose and require a fair amount of programming to accomplish everything.  Frameworks simplify tasks and automate many of the processes that developers need to accomplish specific tasks, like display and animate game assets on the screen.

We knew we wanted to use a framework to develop Grow Your Garden, so we put together a list of criteria for evaluating the options:

  1. The framework should be cheap or free since we are bootstrapping and don’t need complex features like 3d rendering and collision detection.
  2. The framework should be powerful enough to handle a fairly complex game since we plan to add new features and improvements over time.
  3. The framework should have great community support since you will always hit a wall at some point in development and need the resources, tutorials, and feedback of the community to get to a finished product.

With these criteria in mind, we evaluated several different frameworks with various strengths and weaknesses.  You can find a list of some of the ones we looked at in this great blog post by Tony Lea. 

In the end, we decided to go with Cocos2d for it’s solid features, relative maturity, great community (be sure to check out Ray Wenderlich’s excellent site), and unbeatable price (free).

Cocos2d Icon

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  1. Tony Lea

    6 years ago

    Good read, and thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated ;)