Graphics Round Three – Menus

For a round of game concept pitches and feedback sessions, we found ourselves in need of a few basic screenshots for Grow Your Garden so that people could see exactly what we were talking about. Rather than spending time making throwaway assets that would never make it into the final game, we decided to go ahead and start making more or less final ones. As usual, a few hurdles came up.

First, we had to figure out what is the minimum number of screenshots needed to showcase the core of the game? In our case, we were able to get away with three screenshots (home screen, main play screen, and achievement screen) accompanied by plenty of verbal explanation.  We could have made more, but with just these three we were able to articulate all the important points.

Once we decided on the screenshots to make, we had to agree on what should the home screen look like?  This was more complicated than it first appeared since menus and buttons are usually quite boring.  We ended up deciding to carry the water metaphor into the buttons by showing them as water droplets coming out of a watering can:

Next time I’ll talk about creating our main game screen backgrounds.

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